Saturday, January 27, 2007

Days 223 to 225: Catch-up

Our darn modem went on the blink, and we were without an Internet connection for 2-1/2 days. I was going through the DTs! But the nice guy from Time Warner Cable stopped by today (Saturday!) and fixed us up in a jiffy, once we figured out the problem.

So now I'm playing catch-up. I've added three new photographs to Creative Journey in my Photography section. First, the last of the snowstorm series, Holly. What I found interesting was that just hours after I took this photo, I found a similar one quite by accident on the web.

Then Jodie got creative out in the white stuff and made Mr. Snowmanall by herself! Mr. Snowman is keeping little Ashlee company out in the back yard.

Jodie's still whining ... ooops ... complaining that her arms hurt from rolling the giant snowball.

But we paused to take this Snow Family Portrait before scurrying back into the house to get warm.

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