Sunday, February 25, 2007

Day 253: EDM Challenge # 22

I added this new photograph to Creative Journey in my Photography section, White on White, Lace on Satin

This photo is my take on the Everyday Matters Challenge #22: "Piece of Clothing"

What I learned from photographing this image is that photographing products is not as easy at one might think! One of the hardest parts was just trying to get the fabric inside the shoe fairly smooth so that it did not detract from the shoe itself. I also had to try several fabrics before I found one that did not create a moire when it was photographed. The one I settled on has a subtle nubby weave, which added some contrasting texture without being distracting.

The lighting was also a challenge. I knew I wanted to light the shoe from below, so I placed it on my light box which I covered with a sheer fabric. But I also need supplemental lighting to bring out the details of the lace ... yet this supplemental lighting could not overpower the light from below. I was also trying to have the supplemental lighting catch the sparkle in the sheer background fabric.

I have SO much to learn! But it sure is fun and challenging to try different techniques to see what works and what doesn't.

This post also introduces a new label for my blog: Wedding. My eldest daughter will be getting married this summer and the planning has just begun. I'll be incorporating the wedding plans into my Creative Journey, so undoubtedly there will be many, many wedding posts in the weeks to come as we pull the event together. No, this isn't her shoe ... it's one I wore at my own wedding almost 16 years ago.

Afterthought: Come to think of it, that shimmery fabric in the background is left over from my first wedding over 22 years ago! Strange.

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