Thursday, March 1, 2007

Day 256 - 258: Catching Up

I added three new photographs to Creative Journey in my Photography section.

The first is Canfield Mountain. This is more of a hill than a mountain on the eastern border of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. It's been wild land for most of my history in Idaho. But housing is beginning to encroach.

Today was just a gorgeous day. Spring is in the air. We've had six or more inches of snow in the last few days, so the mountains are dusted again. But the sun came out and the breezes were blowing the clouds out of the area today. This is why I moved to Idaho!

On the way home from Coeur d'Alene, I drove by this Tax Prep Pimp. Man, I'd hate his job. These folks stand out on State Hwy 41 in either a Statue of Liberty costume or an Uncle Sam costume and try to lure residents in to have their taxes prepared by this outfit.

He looked like he was having fun today. I wonder if he still had a good attitude by the time he was given "the finger" several dozen times.

I took the photo out the window while driving by (well, stopped at the light), so I framed it all wonky. That's why there's a goofy fill job in the bottom left corner.

Finally, Another Thaw was taken on my back deck. The six inches of snow that built up on the deck railing have melted down to three inches of ice. This patch of ice was dripping off the side of the railing. I love the way ice releases its water in endless drippy ways. These are pretty cool formations.

And I'll have you know I waded into six inches of snow on the deck floor and braved the wet socks and slippery shoes to get this shot. Oh, what we photographers will do for our art.

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