Sunday, April 8, 2007

Day 296: Easter Greetings

I added this new photograph to Creative Journey in my Photography section, Happy Easter

Our upstairs was a mess yesterday because the carpenter came to install our new mantle, half-wall cap and stair rail. They are beautiful! But I really was not prepared for Easter.

So this morning while Dale and Jodie were at church, I brought the furniture and rug back into the room, dug out the Easter decorations, put this bouquet together for a centerpiece, set out our family blessing cup, baked some cinnamon rolls, wrapped some gifts, hid the candy for the annual Easter hunt, put some candles in the fireplace, set the table and even dyed a couple Easter eggs.

They were surprised when they got home that I could do all that in two hours!

We had a really nice breakfast together and spent the rest of the day quietly. I even got to stitch for a couple hours. Hope my readers had an enjoyable Easter celebration, too.

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