Saturday, May 5, 2007

Day 323: Trumpeteers

I added this new photograph to Creative Journey in my Photography section, Trumpeteers.

I am not very good at identifying flowers. I found these growing in a neighbor's yard, right along the street's curb. They are so unique in the purple and pink coloring and veining. And the leaves are broad, mid-green, with light green spots.

I spent over an hour searching through my flower and garden books and scanning the web. I love Google, but it just didn't help me today. I found some good guides for wildflowers, but not for bedding plants.

These flowers have the shape of a petunia ... or a phlox ... but it's lots bigger than the phlox in my yard. Then again, it seems like it's a bit early for the petunias to be blooming around here.

So I have a new plan. I'm not going to give up completely on trying to find the names other people have given to plants. If I can find it easily, I will. But if I can't, I'm just going to make up a name -- as if I was Eve and had the chance to name the plants and flowers myself.

Actually, I'll give Dale credit for this one. He named it "Trumpeteers."

If any of you readers know this lovely flowers "other" name, do let me know. I do enjoy creativity, but there's really no need to reinvent the wheel. :)

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