Saturday, June 2, 2007

Trolling Blogs

I haven't spent much time lately browsing and reading blogs by needleworkers. But today I just felt the urge to splurge.

Reading what other crafters are creating is one of my favorite ways to get my own juices flowing. I especially love following the links from my favorite blogs to links of their favorite blogs.

Here's a juicy find today: Primrose Design
She's got a label called "Stitch School" where she shows excellent step-by-step photos of how to create embroidery stitches. You've got to take a look!

My link surfing has also introduced me to some wonderful Etsy shops. Etsy: your place to buy and sell all thing handmade.

Today's find are these Sweet Baby Note Cards. This artist makes dolls ... and fabric post cards of dolls. She then photographed the fabric post cards and turned them into note cards.

I particularly like the way she presents them wrapped in ribbon. It's an idea I might utilize if I decide to make note cards using some of my photos.

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