Friday, July 6, 2007

Day 380: The Gift

I added a new photograph to Creative Journey in my Photography section, The Gift

It's been a few days now since I've posted, so I have a lot of catching up to do.

Sunday was quite a wonderful day for me. I jumped in the convertible and headed north to Sandpoint. Managed to find the church where my former teacher was singing with his barbershop group. Enjoyed the service quite a bit. I haven't been to a Lutheran service since my mom's funeral. This was a simple praise and worship service, rather than the more formal liturgy. Very small congregation. Very personable pastor.

After services, I chatted with the pastor for a while, then headed downtown to find some food. Per usual, I got sidetracked. Enjoyed shopping at the Cedar Street Bridge where I found two pretty beaded purses for only $5.00 a piece! Maybe I'll take photos of them, too.

On the way back to my car, I bipped on in to Coldwater Creek. Wow! Did I have some fun there! For no good reason at all, I tried on all kinds of clothes and found several pieces to buy. QUITE unusual for me!
* A pretty teal sweater and cammie set ... the sweater made from ribbon yarn
* A simple white shell with bits of lace
* A beautiful white cotton a-line skirt embroidered all over in white floral
* And a very sexy purple surplus blouse. When I put it on, I look like a WOMAN!

The nice gals in the shop gave me directions to East Hope, where the 50th anniversary party was being held. I managed to find the place without too much trouble 35 min later.

When I arrived, I didn't really know anyone, so introduced myself and was invited to plate up at the bbq. Duane finally managed to wander down to the lakeside, cigar in mouth (as usual!), and we had an excellent reunion. That's when he opened his gifts from me ... the pillow, as you see. He and Pink were touched that I'd take the time to make something special. And in his hand a gag gift ... a cartoon book of "what women want vs what men want for their anniversary." The disk is Duane's birthday gift ... a slide show of my "Belly Flowers" ... compiled for Duane because he was my original inspiration to learn to take macro photos of flowers 25 years ago.

After a while, the barbershop group sang some more. We had cake. Then went up to the condo to watch home movies of Duane & Pink's wedding 50 years ago. I got to show them the photo slide show on my computer. Then it was time to go.

Before leaving, I stole Duane away to give him a short ride in the convertible. We had some more nice conversation and a memorable ride into the woods. Then I returned him to the condo, and made my way home, filled with lasting and excellent memories. Now that we're back in touch, maybe it won't take another 24 years for me to see him again.

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