Thursday, August 2, 2007

Day 411: California Portrait 3

I added a new photograph to Creative Journey in my Photography section,
California Portrait 3

I wanted to capture a whole series of body parts. Though we got a few nice shots, I was hoping for more. So I just may play with my camera some more on my own and try for some more self-portrait body part shots.

Here's one of the best from the weekend. My daughter Jodie loves my hands. So we made sure we attempted some hand shots. This is the hand of a mom, needleworker, blogger, photographer, wife.

I love the way my veins pop out, my pinky sticks out from my ring finger, and my knuckles are rough ... when I'm nervous, I chew on my knuckles. Methinks the wear shows through the years. My hands are uniquely my own.

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