Thursday, August 23, 2007

Day 419: Christmas Ornament Ort Port

I added a new photograph to Creative Journey in my Photography section, Christmas Ornament Ort Port

I was recently having a conversation with a collector friend of mine who sells unique items on eBay. He had been at some flea markets and swap meets recently and ran across some glass rolling pins.

I was familiar with them only because an online acquaintance of mine collects them and uses them as ort ports.

What is an ort port, you ask? Well, for stitchers, orts are the snippets of floss and fiber that are left over bits and pieces that remain in the needle after you stitch what needs stitching. If the pieces are too short, they get tossed.

Or ... saved.

If saved, they need a place to be stored. Thus, an ort port: any container that a stitcher keeps handy to place the little bits and pieces of thread. My daughter Julie made me a nice big ort port as a gift.

And why save these bits and pieces of string? I've used them as texture in handmade paper (see image to the right).

Other folks use them as in the photo above, as filling for clear glass Christmas ornaments. I've filled this ornament loosely, but some stitchers mark the year on the ornament, and then cram all the orts from the year into a single ball.

Or, as my online acquaintance does, you can fill pretty glass rolling pins with the orts. (I just couldn't find an image of one of those).

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