Monday, August 27, 2007

Day 423: Over the Eastern Hills ...

I added a new photograph to Creative Journey in my Photography section,
Full Moon Rising

I headed up to Jodie's work to pick her up at sunset again today. I love this time of day. On the way home we even saw two deer jump a fence and melt into the woods. Then Jodie said, "Ooooooo Mom! Look!" and pointed out the window.

A full moon was rising over the hills to the east. Beautiful!

I just about drove off the road.

Instead, I pulled over to the Garwood Elementary School yard and popped out of the car. My camera was acting up, and I didn't have a tripod or other handy flat surface nearby, so most of my photos came out very fuzzy ... or the moon ended up with light tails. This was the least fuzzy of the shots.

It was the best show in town. We literally watched the moon rise up over the hills.

Jodie said it reminded her of a cartoon she saw in school once about people eating a moon made of cheese. She was right. The shadows of the basins were clear on the moon's surface tonight. Would be a great night to borrow my oldest daughter's telescope.

And sit in wonder and awe.

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