Thursday, August 30, 2007

Day 426: Neighborhood Tragedy

I added a new photograph to Creative Journey in my Photography section, Here Lies the Dead

On my walk through the neighborhood last night, I ran across this eerie sight. An outline of a body.

And then another!

And a third! Scene of a triple murder?

Nah. I know this family. The teenage girl has a group of off-the-wall friends. They actually hang with Jodie sometimes. They like to be shocking and anti-societal (though really quite social, when you talk with them). They show it in their choice of clothes, hair color, body art. The usual. They often have no supervision and prowl the neighborhood like a pack, pretending to be intimidating. They like to hang out on the roof of the garage and make a lot of noise.

I guess one of them got hold of a pack of chalk. They must have had some fun tracing around each other, lying in the street ... then leaving these reminders to try and shock the neighbors.

Ah, north Idaho. Home of the gun-toting, yellow ribbon touting, social conservatives.

How in the world did *I* end up living here?

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