Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Day 438: On the Rail

I added a new photograph to Creative Journey in my Photography section,
Silverwood: Engine Number 7

When Silverwood first opened, this narrow gauge 1915 steam train was the only free ride available. The owners loved trains. Had a train museum there before Silverwood became a full-fledged theme and water park.

Goofy as the ride is, I make sure I go on the train each time I spend a day at Silverwood. I like the old guys that are the engineers and conductors. They spin a good yarn. Tell really lame jokes. Generally make the lazy ride fun.

For example, the conductor builds up a big tall tale about the high trestle that the train must cross. 463 feet up, they say. And when you get there, he amends it to "463 squirrel feet, that is."

After crossing the trestle and going around some bends, you happen upon a mining camp. The train comes to a complete stop. The conductor gets off. And then -- BOOM -- something in the mine explodes!

Out comes a miner who boards the train -- and robs the passengers! He's full of guff and tall tales himself, of course. (The money he collects goes to The Wishing Star Foundation).

But at the end of the day, the conductor gets the bad guy off the train and pushes him down the well ... which immediately squirts up water and all the passengers get wet.

A fun time is had by all ... in an old-fashioned goofy kind of wild west way.


On a completely different note ...

I did go on that bike ride with my neighbor today. We ended up peddling a total of 11.8 miles. Nice easy bike trail. And now that I know the way, I can ride it by myself.

I'm rather proud of myself ... and not too sore (except when climbing stairs)!

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