Monday, September 10, 2007

WIP: Wedding Sampler [1]

I had the opportunity to begin my newly married daughter's wedding sampler today! It's a Bent Creek design called Wedding Row. The sampler reads, "Of my love be sure." A very fitting sentiment for Jeanne and Mathew!

I waited until Jeanne had a chance to approve the design before beginning it. I waited primarily because I knew the colors of the original chart were not going to be to her liking. I had already purchased some blue fabric for this piece, knowing blue is Jeanne's favorite color.

When Jeanne and Mathew visited home the week after their wedding, I had Jeanne help me choose the fiber colors. This floss toss shows the results.

We decided to stick with Sampler Threads, but we mixed things up a bit.

Here's the Floss Toss:
Words - green - Tropical Ocean
Ribbons - blue - Royal Purple
Hearts - light brick red - Pomegranate
Xs & Os - pale yellow - Buttermilk
Names/Date - blue - Presidential Blue

I decided to begin stitching in the middle of this chart. As you see, I've got the "ove" of Love done so far.

I have the feeling this piece will stitch up rather quickly. I really love these Bent Creek charts. And I especially love that this wedding sampler is not too "mushy." Jeanne and Mathew are not exactly "mushy" people! This chart fits them to a T.

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