Saturday, February 26, 2011

WIP: Groundhog's Day 1

One of the gals I know from a cross-stitch e-mail group encouraged me to start posting photos of my current work in progress on my blog. She said that it's fun to watch the progress, and has the side benefit of inspiring her to stitch more.

So Ellie, this one's for you!

I started stitching Groundhog's Day today. As you might be able to see, I already made one counting error. The little guy is supposed to have two front teeth, not one. I intend to fix that the cheater's way ... stitching over the dark threads with the lighter one rather than removing the errant stitches. I'll do the "real" fix if the cheater one doesn't work (it requires more time).

My husband spent a couple hours trying to get my computer to talk to my scanner. He managed a plausible work-around for me after researching why the original way I scanned doesn't work any more. Now that scanning has returned to a simple process, maybe I can get in the habit of posting these works in progress (WIP) more often.

But I know me.
No. Promises.

He’s Just Not That Into Anyone

I don't usually blog about articles like this, but I read this yesterday and it's been on my mind ever since. Let me back up a little.

Yesterday I received the following Tweet from PostSecret:
Davy Rothbart from FOUND has a fascinating piece in "New York Magazine" how online porn effected him & his relationship.
 Well, I read FOUND Magazine's "Find of the Day" as religiously as I read PostSecret. So I followed the link to the article at New York magazine about how porn is affecting the libido of the American male.

It's not for everyone. But interesting. Fascinating.

I don't even know where to file this one. Under "Inspiration"? "Soap Box"? "Just for Fun"? I think I'll create a new category called "Huh".

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Dance: Feed My Lambs

My second 2011 quilt square for charity stitched up much faster than the first! I started and it February 16th and finished it February 23. Making one day a week a "computer free" day has its benefits! (Of course, it also helps that I messed up my back, so have to sit quietly for hours).
Precious Moments: Feed My Lambs
I chose to work with the theme: Precious Moments - Any Square. I don't have a lot of Precious Moments charts, but I do have a book called Furr-Ever Friends. Like all Precious Moments charts, this is published by Designs by Gloria and Pat.

This chart just tickled my fancy, so I stitched it. By the time I was done, though, I realized that though I used to be enamored by the muted colors of the PM line, I'm not much drawn to them any more. These days I seem to like deeper colors and jewel tones.

Our charity group just opened a new theme this week:
Any Holiday Themed Squares. Finished squares will be sent to Love Quilts.

Oooo! This is right up my alley! I hope to stitch more than one for this theme, starting with Groundhog's Day. I have an older freebie by Bent Creek and I've been looking for an excuse to stitch it. When it's done, it should look something like this (though I'll be stitching on white aida):
Cute, huh?!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Dance: Baby Bunny

I've completed my first cross-stitched piece for 2011. This is a quilt square that will be donated to my charity group, Cross Stitching for Charity.

The design is from Farm Babies by Stoney Creek Collection.

I haven't been stitching much these days, so this little square took me almost a full month to complete: Jan 17 - Feb 13. I'm hoping to stitch one quilt square per month for charity this year. Time will tell if I can keep that up.

I must say, taking time to sit and stitch last weekend had a very positive effect on my soul. I'm considering having a second goal: to leave my computer off on Sundays so that I can concentrate on more offline activities at least one day each week.

Wish me luck on that one!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In Early February

Outside my window...
traces of snow at the curb
far too many pine needles

I am thinking...
way too much
especially in the wee small hours of the morning

I am thankful for...
Julie's safe solo trip across the country
Jodie's last months at home before college

From the kitchen...
the aroma of pasta e fagioli
a fresh batch stewing in the pot

I am wearing...
my uniform:
blue sweats, black T, lined hoodie

I am creating...
a vision of life with Dale
once kids are gone and we get to be "a couple"

I am going...
to learn to use my new camera!
(one of these days)

I am reading...
The Wednesday Sisters
by Meg Waite Clayton
just finished, in fact
(can't really recommend it)

I am hoping...
to put two and two together
and finally come up with four

I am hearing...
the sound of my fruit gum

Around the house...
of Valentine love

One of my favorite things...
slipping into clean sheets
after a hot shower and powdered body

A few plans for the rest of the week...
help Julie get settled back into life at home
then do my job to help her on to her career