Friday, July 22, 2011

A Corner of Beauty & Hope

Today was one of the BEST days my daughter Jodie and I ever spent together! And it was no one big event that made it grand. It was moment after moment of small tasks that we muddled through side-by-side, laughing and talking and noodling things out.

From a two mile walk to plucking eyebrows. From a breakfast of vanilla protein shakes infused with fresh hand-picked raspberries to a lunch of fish sticks and turkey burgers at Carl's Jr. to a dinner at home of fresh honeydew melon and bread bowls filled with chili and cheese.  From taping a window frame to prepare it for painting to purchasing clothing online. From researching wheel barrow prices to getting an astounding, on-the-spot 40% discount on the purchase of a $150 sewing table.

If there is one highlight of the day, it was building our first flower garden together.

You see, our home is currently one of the homeliest on the block. Our grass is dead, the front yard full of moss. We're in the process of revamping the yard, but it's been a slow, slow process.

At the moment, you can see painted lines where we intend to install curbing and sprinklers.

There are 15 holes in the yard where pine trees used to stand, the stumps ground out just yesterday.

The roof and rain gutters are covered in pine needles that need to be swept away with the yellow jacket nests.

But as of this evening, there is one spot of calm and color that you see as you approach our front door.

Jodie and I tilled the soil, pulled out as many tulip, hyacinth, crocus and grape hyacinth bulbs as we could find. (We're sure there are still many hiding that will surprise us next spring). We headed over to Lowes to check out those wheel barrows, but drove away with a car full of purple flowers and bark mulch. Then still side-by-side, we built a garden, including some ivy that I'd been babying in my kitchen window all winter.

Now as we approach our front door, we have a spot of color and hope for what the rest of the yard might finally become. Our garden toad is contemplating the drastic change. I think he's smiling.

I know we are!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


These puffs of color caught my eye on my daily walk. The blue reminds me of buttons, the pink reminds me of bows.
Buttons n Bows

So vibrant in the morning sun.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

At the DMV

In Idaho, when a teen turns 18 years old, they make a trip to the DMV to turn in their first driver's license and get a new one that shows they are an adult. That's what Jodie and I did this morning. It wasn't even a horribly long wait. Besides, Jodie and I always find ways to amuse each other when we're stuck in a line.

Today, we had fun watching folks with their frozen smiles while waiting for the official to take their driver's license photo and making up stories about the folks in the waiting room.
  • There was the old guy who was sitting there nervously, wondering if he would even have a driver's license reissued. 
  • There was the middle-aged British woman who just became a US citizen and was getting her first American license. 
  • There was the Hispanic family whose son was having his license renewed for the first time, mother and sister nervously waiting. 
  • There was the hefty impatient woman who hoisted herself up and waddled to the door, muttering and scowling. But then, she's one of those folks who didn't believe her father when he told her, "If you keep putting your face in a frown, it'll freeze that way." Because it did! Goodness, she was unpleasant.
  • And then, there were these three friends ...
Waiting on Line at the DMV

Seriously, folks. Do any of us need to be exposed to this in a public building?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Post Graduate

This is my favorite photo from Jodie's high school graduation last month:
Shadows of Graduations Past

After the ceremony, the graduates processed to one area of the school to hug and say goodbye while the parents, relatives and friends meandered out a different door to wait for their student to find them. The sun was setting as we stood along the west wall of the school talking, waiting, laughing, crying.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Duh ..!

My daughters and I had lunch at Panda Express.
This was tucked into my fortune cookie:
I doubted an admirer could think any other way!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Cross is Borne

In March 2009, our family took an exploratory trip to Bellingham, WA to see if we might like to land there when Dale retires. After a good look around, we decided it's not quite right for us. We did like the countryside, though. As the sun was setting one evening, we passed this crumbling barn. I loved the pattern the light made as the sun broke through the window.
The Old Rugged Cross

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sand in the Feathers

On that same warm evening in June 2009, the seagulls stopped to rest, preen and people-watch here on the edge of the North Idaho College campus where Lake Coeur d'Alene spills into the Spokane River.
 Posin' and Preenin'

Friday, July 8, 2011

NIC Beach

Just as the sun started to set on a warm day in June 2009, I took a break on the beach at North Idaho College. This is the spot where Lake Coeur d'Alene spills into the Spokane River. It's a favorite gathering place for both humans and geese.
Goose at Riverbank


Monday, July 4, 2011

Splash o' Color

Last summer, the family reunion was held at the home of Dale's Uncle Bob. Beautiful country setting. Aunt Sally has quite a green thumb. I just loved this burst of color.
Aunt Sally's Flowers