Sunday, November 13, 2011

WIP: Single Rose 7

Rosey continues to take form.

This weekend I was able to stitch for a few more hours. The frame around the rose is taking shape nicely.

This sure is a lovely piece to work on. Not at all frustrating. Puts me in a Zen state.

I think it's odd how some pieces I stitch flow so simply and beautifully, and others just about send me to the nut house. This is one of the nice charts.

Be sure to click on the image to see a larger version.


I had such a nice long weekend with my husband. Too bad he has to go back to work tomorrow. When he's home, there's a calming vibe in the house.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

At My House; On My Mind

Outside my window...
The neighbor kids
flinging golden leaves at each other
running wild in the crisp air

I am wondering...
why I don't read blogs more often
so full of creativity
and inspiration

I am thankful for...
For this quiet day, reading,
sitting across the table from my husband
clickity clicking on our laptops

From the kitchen...
the refrigerator fan is whirring
tortillas wait on the counter
to be eaten for dinner

I am wearing...
comfy clothes, my fleece vest,
my favorite blue shirt
even though it's not Thursday (Jodie)

I am creating...
ideas for a tree trimming party
over Thanksgiving weekend
extended family fun

I am going...
nowhere today
except in my imagination
I'm traveling the world

I am reading...
my favorite blogs
Steve Martin's autobiography
Dale's expressions

I am hoping...
my eldest is peaceful today
building friendships with Club Med
spending time with her husband

I am hearing...
the cooling fan on Dale's  computer
the clickk of a mouse
the "ahhhhhh" after a swallow of cool water

Around the house...
a bit of a breeze
a blanket of leaves and pine needles

One of my favorite things...
my husband's smile
and the way he lights up
when I tickle his brain

A few plans for the rest of the week...
bring the paint in from the garage so it doesn't freeze
get a haircut
express gratitude

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Movie Review: The Simple Life of Noah Dearborn

It's not often I start out the day with a movie and a bowl of popcorn, but I made an exception today -- and I'm glad I did! The Simple Life of Noah Dearborn is worth watching.

This was truly a wonderful, heartwarming film. I don't recall how I heard about it (a preview from another movie? an excellent movie review? a mention from one of my movie-loving friends?). Somehow this title came to the top of my Netflix DVD list, and am I glad it did.

Here's the synopsis:
Small-town farmer Noah Dearborn (Sidney Poitier) lives an uncomplicated existence until shady developer Christian Nelson (George Newbern) tries to usurp his family's land. Nelson will do anything to take Noah's property, including hiring a shrink (Mary-Louise Parker) to have him declared insane. But Nelson doesn't anticipate Noah forming an unbreakable bond with the doctor, which proves stronger than anything the land baron can dish out.

Simple enough plot, yes. Big city company comes in to rural area to 'help' the people ramp up and earn more revenue. The potential building of a shopping center knocks the country folk off balance. Tension ensues.

It's the character development and performances that make this movie shine. But then, I'm usually drawn to movies and books that center on interesting characters that change and grow.

Sidney Poitier is exemplary, as always.
Mary-Louise Parker is beautiful and complex, in her usual style.
George Newbern has a fairly conventional two-dimensional role.
And Dianne Wiest is a well rounded and integral character, wonderfully cast.

This movie was released in 1999. I'm only a little over a decade in seeing it. A good showing for me!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

WIP: Single Rose 5

I was able to put in some more hours on Single Rose. I find it humorous that my stitching seems so haphazard. I ordinarily 'grow' my stitching from the bottom left corner on up to the top. But with this piece, I seem to be jumping around by color much more than usual.

Today I realized that I made an error that I don't think I'll bother correcting. Many of the half cross stitches are to be stitched with four strands of thread. I missed that fine point. But since it that is more of a texture change than a 'makes the picture look weird' change, I will probably leave it as is.

I must admit that it was worth it to grid my fabric this time. It's saved me from many counting errors.

I am enjoying stitching this piece quite a bit. If I'm lucky, I'll get my work around my home done early this week and allow myself the pleasure of several more hours of stitching.

I dare say this is going to need a good deal of blocking when the stitching is done and before the framing begins!