Sunday, November 6, 2011

WIP: Single Rose 5

I was able to put in some more hours on Single Rose. I find it humorous that my stitching seems so haphazard. I ordinarily 'grow' my stitching from the bottom left corner on up to the top. But with this piece, I seem to be jumping around by color much more than usual.

Today I realized that I made an error that I don't think I'll bother correcting. Many of the half cross stitches are to be stitched with four strands of thread. I missed that fine point. But since it that is more of a texture change than a 'makes the picture look weird' change, I will probably leave it as is.

I must admit that it was worth it to grid my fabric this time. It's saved me from many counting errors.

I am enjoying stitching this piece quite a bit. If I'm lucky, I'll get my work around my home done early this week and allow myself the pleasure of several more hours of stitching.

I dare say this is going to need a good deal of blocking when the stitching is done and before the framing begins!

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