Sunday, April 22, 2012

Idaho Wildlife Area

This has been the most glorious weekend in north Idaho! Dale and I had a great balance of working and loving and organizing and playing in the dirt and eating yummy food and watching a period-piece BBC series and riding the backroads in the convertible. We also did a little geocaching while on the road.

We decided to find the cache hidden in the woods near the shore of the Pend Orielle river, just east of the small town of Priest River. G.Twigs went with us. That crazy giraffe decided to check out the gunshot holes on the sign.

It was a gorgeous sunshiny day in the upper 70s -- the warmest day of 2012 so far. The sky was so clear we could see the mountains on the Idaho/Montana border. Here we are on the north shore of the Pend Orielle River, looking west toward Priest River.

Here, we're looking east upriver. If you keep going this direction and you'll find Lake Pend Orielle.

We didn't see a lot of wildlife on the refuge today. It was mid-afternoon, so not prime feeding time. But we did see evidence of waterfowl. In a shallow depression on the rocky shore, we spotted this goose egg.

 This is as close to a goose-egg that we had this weekend. On a scale of 0 to 10, this weekend rates a 9.98!

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