Thursday, April 12, 2012

Visit My Family's Blogs

I cordially invite you to visit a couple blogs written by my daughters!

The first is Impact Northwest. This blog was started as part of Jodie's Reporting class at Oregon State University. In it, she'll report on green news and trends. She wants to help you make small changes that lead to a more sustainable lifestyle.

The second, AuralArtists, is a blog that I'm writing in collaboration with all three of my daughters. Because a common love of creating beautiful work holds us together, we decided to give each other creative challenges. One of us comes up with an idea, then we each create a project using that idea and a theme of our choosing. So our challenges will be full of hearts, spectrums, growing things and polka dots.

I have great pride in watching my daughters grow into beautiful, intelligent, active young women. I hope you'll enjoy peeking into their world by "Following" these blogs.

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