Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bread Experiment

Know what this is? 
An experiment in "baking" bread.
Or, in this case, rolls made from frozen dough.

I learned from the LifeHacker website
that it's possible to cook bread dough in a crock pot.
So I tried.

I had some rather old dinner roll dough in my freezer. 
So old that I wasn't sure it would rise.
[It barely did]
But it was enough to try in our small crock pot.

I had it in the crock pot on the high setting for a bit over an hour. Too long ... but I got distracted and forgot about it until I could smell it.


I wanted the top browner, so instead of putting it under the broiler as suggested, I just flipped the rolls over and let them brown in the crock pot.

They tasted pretty good! Fun little experiment.
I'll probably try a full loaf in my big crock pot later.



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