Sunday, December 6, 2015

Self Portrait Week 40: The Microscope

I got a new toy for my birthday. A microscope. With it I received an attachment so that my smartphone can be used with the eyepiece to take photos of the fun objects I'm studying.

Jeanne and I were trying to figure out how to attach the phone to the eyepiece, and this photo was taken by accident. I love facial expressions full of focused concentration! (And there's nothing quite like an "up the nose" shot!)

We did eventually figure it out. I don't have any slides yet, so we put a piece of tissue paper (with a small hole in it) under the lens and captured this image:

This is going to take my love of macro photography to a whole new level!

Now ... how do I capture a snowflake?


Photo Tips I Learned:

  • Don't be afraid to try out new equipment or a new technique. If you feel intimidated, have your scientific kid help you out.
  • When using your camera with your microscope, remember to take if off "selfie mode."
  • Beware of those who have a knack for photobombs!

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