Tuesday, February 23, 2016

New Beginnings

Month of Love: Day 23

Spring has come early to north Idaho! It's not unusual to have snow into April in my neck of the woods. But look what popped up by my front door already. The tulips are here!

Seeing the leaves struggle up through the hard ground, pine needles, and bark touched my heart this morning. For today is an important day in my life ... when a 20 year emotional struggle ends, and a new part of my life is allowed to flower.

Twenty years ago my mom moved up to live near me. She needed kidney dialysis and the facility was in the next town over. After selling their home in Moscow, my dad joined my mom. I was their kid who lived close by in their declining years. I took them to their medical appointments. They shared meals with my little family.

I was with them when they died ... first Mom, and just over a year later, Dad. I was the child they asked to take care of their estate. I was the one named as family trustee -- to set up and administer an educational trust for their 17 (soon to be 19) grandchildren.

It's been an enormously long and emotionally challenging position. Money and family is not what I've experienced as a harmonious mixture -- the way hearts and flowers are. As of this morning, by the grace of a judge's pen, the job my parents entrusted to me is over. I've been released of my duties which now pass to my brothers.

So I'm like this tulip bud reaching up to touch the sun. My primary responsibility and duty is to stretch and grow. I can't wait to bloom!

Looking down from heaven's point of view, I grow from love!

Since love grows within you,
so beauty grows.
For love is the beauty of the soul.
~ Saint Augustine

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