Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Toy Shelf

This toy shelf is another #CornerOfMyHome. These sweet memories sit on top of the fabric case in my studio. Here's the story behind a few of the favorites:

Mr. Peanut I got him at a restaurant convention when I was just a kid. Every now and then my dad would let us go with him to these industry shows. The vendors would have give-aways for the kids. Mr. Peanut lost his arm at one point, but I sewed it back on with my young girl clumsy stitches.

Ellie That doll in the back row was a gift from my sister Eleanore. I think she got it for me when she was going to fashion school in Los Angeles. I like her because she's tall and red-headed, just like the sister who gave her to me in the '60s.

Little Bear He's the one with the specks. He actually has a hole that goes from the top of his head down through his body to his bottom. My brother Carl gave me a lamp one Christmas and this bear decorated the pole. I used the lamp on my nightstand for years. The lamp got wobbly and fell apart when I was a teenager. But I've never been able to give up the bear from the brother that always had my back. (We were the two lefties in the family). Carl died when I was about 30. Little Bear is a quiet reminder of a happy time.

Flower That's that adorable wonky blue-eyed white kitten. When Jodie was tiny, her grandmother gave her a lifelike white stuffed kitten. Jodie named it Flower and carried it with her everywhere! She wanted a real kitten just like her favorite stuffed animal. As Jodie got bigger, she wanted to learn to sew. I gave her some fabric, and she made this version of Flower all by herself! I love is SO MUCH! She's perfect in her own droopy, dismembered, barely-held-together way. And now just look at the crafter Jodie has become!

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