Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sparkle Bookmarks

Project Pinterest 05

On the tail of yesterday's coaster success, I decided to spend my Sunday making a couple more quick heart-y crafts. This idea was originally made with craft felt.

This is really cute and my first thought was to make them with felt. Then I recalled that I have a big bag full of sparkle hearts. This was going to make for a much quicker project!

I found some matching sticker pairs and attached them back-to-back to colored, coated paper clips. I color coordinated some of the hearts with the same color paper clips; on others, I switched up the colors. Both ways are pleasing to my eye.

I made them specifically for my task journal, marking my most used charts and lists. I'm giddy with the way the shiny objects all work together.


Inspiration from Squishy-Cute Designs

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