Monday, September 5, 2016

Finding Equalibrium

A long holiday weekend is no time for plumbing problems.

We have a leak behind a toilet. We didn't notice for what must have been nearly a week. The drip didn't stop by turning off the valve at the base of the toilet. We couldn't catch all the water in a bucket. The leak got worse as the day got longer.

I finally pondered aloud, "I wonder if anything happened downstairs."

Ah. Yes.

For the third time in 2 years, we're going to need to replace some of the drop ceiling tiles in that rarely-used room. The water had leaked so long that the tiles had become saturated and collapsed. Next came a speedy call to the plumber (who was vacationing, apparently).

We cleaned up the mess. We put the area rug and yoga gear outside to dry. We moved all the furniture. We bought a wet/dry vac. We used every towel in the house. We turned off the water for the entire house. We did our best. We now have sore bodies.

That was Sunday.

We called our plumber again today. Still no answer. So we tried a different plumber. Holiday rates? $300 per hour plus mileage.

Uh, no.

We figured we could get a lot of hotel space for $300+ so we opted to leave the water off for another day (and we stayed home).

Let's just say my nerves were frayed on this jolly holiday. So I did what I do best:
1. A Star Trek movie
2. Chocolate-covered Donettes with a Crunch & Munch chaser
3. A nice long walk
4. Color

Our plumber called back this evening. We'll be seeing him tomorrow.

Drawing by Thaneeya McArdie from her book Flower Mandalas

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