Sunday, October 30, 2016

Mini Beaded Ornaments

Today I finished making my mini beaded ornaments. These are just under three inches from tip to tip.

I used this ornament kit. It comes with the pipe cleaners and all the beads needed to make 24 ornaments. I needed to supply the glue and the jewelry tools: wire cutters and two kinds of pliers. My kit actually had enough supplies for 25 ornaments. Bonus!

This kit uses only three sizes of beads. The big star bead forms the center of the snowflake. Each leg of the snowflake uses two smaller star beads and two round beads.

It was enjoyable to watch the snowflakes form, and fall in pretty patterns.

On   the second day, they multiplied like a storm.

Then, like after every storm, the snowflakes were shoveled together in a big pile. It's less than two months until Christmas. I'm counting on these to add a lot of sparkle to my theme tree this year.

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