Sunday, October 9, 2016

Return to Autumn

I'm home from my Portland trip. It was great to spend time with Jodie, with my sister Eleanore, with my brother-in-law Jerry, and my niece Angelica. Driving across Oregon and Washington was easy on this Sunday afternoon. There wasn't much traffic. I even got home in time for the presidential debate.

In Portland, I saw a new planting of the kinds of flowers we only grow in Spring and Summer here in north Idaho. It was a wet, wet, wet weekend. Due to cloud cover, I never caught a glimpse of Mt. Hood the entire time! Other than that, Autumn wasn't very apparent. But as I drove down from the high desert of eastern Washington into the Spokane River valley, all that changed. The trees are so pretty right now. The air is cooler. Fall definitely resides here.

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