Saturday, October 8, 2016

Wedding Planning - Part 3

Guest blogger Jodie here. I really am the luckiest gal, you know?

First, my partner of nine years decides that it's a good time to Make It Official, so we get engaged. Then, my mom of 23 years (heh) decides that it's a good time to help me Make It Official, so she drives allllll the way to Portland to get me to stop wringing my hands, buckle down and make some solid plans.

That planning was yesterday's picture. Today's picture: the plans coming to fruition, possibilities blooming, excitement brimming. We went to Fabric Depot in Portland (at my Maid of Honor's suggestion — thanks, Marissa!) and ogled and petted the laces far more, I assume, than was appropriate. But, oh! Such pretty things. In the end, I think we'll go a different route: white-on-white cotton, perhaps, or eyelet cotton, since it'll be a pretty casual picnic-in-the-park wedding.

Now that Mom has successfully un-wrung my hands and gotten me genuinely excited about this whole wedding business, visiting a fabric store has sure started my wheels turning. Makes me think of the big measuring mat and rotary cutter waiting for me at home... and all the projects just waiting to come to life.

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