Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A Grown-up Office

For Christmas, I received new and beautiful designer office supplies. I'd been using a mishmash of coffee mugs, plastic shoe boxes, cardboard boxes covered in blue duct tape, a hand-me-down document tray, 15 year old cardboard magazine holders, a hand-me-down hardware drawer set, and Gladware to store my stuff.

Now I have a new wood shelf filled with matching Cynthia Rowley gear:
  • 2 new pencil holders
  • 4 notebooks in 3 sizes
  • 2 matching gold pens
  • a closed letterbox (my new In Box)
  • a gorgeous magazine holder
  • an expanding file
  • a mouse pad
  • a big storage box for electronics
  • a roll of matching contact paper (I used to line the shelf back)
  • matching scissors 
  • 2 new tape dispensers
  • and more

I ADORE how organized my space is and how inviting it is to sit at my desk. I'm all caught up on my paperwork right now, too.

I feel like the work I do at home is valuable,  and now my workspace reflects that vision.

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