Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Birthday "Haul"

One of my guilty pleasures is watching "haul" videos on YouTube. Someone goes shopping, then as they unpack their treasures, they film themselves. My favorite haul videos are from Dollar Tree.

Watching these videos is a disease.

So here's a haul of what I received for my birthday at the end of last month. My daughter Jeanne shares a birth date with me, so we usually celebrate it together over Thanksgiving weekend.

The cake. Love those fall colors!

From Jeanne, a framed collection of photos I took of myself with each member of my family.

From Jodie, who works at her local Parks & Rec, and who encouraged me to watch the TV show, this book.

From my friend Paul, an Amazon gift certificate (I bought some PURPLE shoes)

and a self-portrait (cheer up, Paul!)

And from Dale, a box of my favorite milk chocolate covered vanilla caramels,

a fan to sit under my laptop to keep it cool,

a subscription to Sundance Now channel (because I love documentaries, and they have a great library)

Sundance Now

and tickets to three lectures of National Geographic Live that will take place after the new year. We went to a series of these in the past and they're quite wonderful. Date nights!

I'm a lucky girl.

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