Monday, January 2, 2017

Four Seasons

I've already posted this on Facebook, so most of my friends already have the news. But I wanted to add it to my blog so that my real-life non-Facebook friends can know, too.

I'm part of a community called How To Photograph Your Life. Our fearless leader is professional photographer, Nick Kelsh. He's written and photographed a number of books. He's had cover photos on National Geographic. He teaches beginner and intermediate photography classes online and master classes in person. He's the real deal. (The guy needs a Wikipedia page!)

Nick encourages us to post our photos on the group's Facebook page. Every weekday he chooses one Fan Photo of the Day to highlight. Over the years, I've been awarded a Fan Photo Of The Day several times. At the end of each year, Nick sifts through the hundreds of Fan Photo Of The Day images, then chooses his top 50.

For the first time, one of my photos (well, four actually) was chosen to be included in the Top 50 Fan Photos of 2016! When you see the other 49 photos, you'll understand just how impressive the photographers in our community are, most of whom are also amateur/hobby photographers. I am incredibly honored to be featured among this group.

Click for larger image

Be sure to stop by the How to Photograph Your Life website to see all the photos. You'll want to look at them over and over. Gorgeous.

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