Thursday, January 5, 2017

Puzzled Over This

Over the weekend, Dale and I completed this Wasgij puzzle called Sunday Drive. This is another where the picture on the front of the puzzle box is not the same as the picture on the puzzle itself. Instead, the picture on the puzzle is from the point of view of one of the characters in the picture on the puzzle box. In this case, it's from the viewpoint of the driver of the hay wagon.

I worked about 75% of the puzzle; Dale worked on it between sessions of shoveling the foot of snow we got.

Our thoughts? Well, this was as clever as the last one we put together. The detail in the storytelling is stellar. But we'd much rather work on 500 piece puzzles than that larger 1000 piece puzzles. We do this as a fun activity to last a couple days. This one took longer (tying up the dining room table too much) and there were enough frustrating points that the difficulty gets in the way of the quiet fun.

Another point? The quality of the puzzle is not the greatest. On really good jigsaws, the puzzle pieces are thick and have a nice weight to them. When they fit into place, they have a very satisfying snap and you don't have to guess if the piece fits or not.

OK. Call us jigsaw snobs. We don't care.

We have one more puzzle in our closet ... then it will be time for a visit to the thrift store. We like to buy 'em cheap, have a couple afternoons of fun puttin' 'em together, then re-donate. Win-win.

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