Tuesday, January 24, 2017


We've had a "warm" day today, with temperatures hovering just over the freezing mark. What light precipitation we had melted as it hit the pavement. By late afternoon, the temperature dropped just a bit. The precipitation rose just a bit. Ideal conditions.

As I took the trash bin to the curb for tomorrow's pick-up, I lifted my face to the sky to feel the snow brush my cheek. Then I looked down at my dark sweater where I saw some perfectly formed, whole flakes.

I hurried inside to get my camera, attaching the macro lens. I tried to add an extension tube, but I don't have that technique under my belt yet, so couldn't figure it out quickly. The sun was fading. The temperature could change at any time.

Camera in hand, photo background under my arm, I headed to the front porch. I alternated between holding the black backdrop in the open air, then scurrying to the porch to take some photos. Even with a wide open F-stop and high ISO, it's tough getting photos once the sun goes down.

Handheld. Yeah, I need to learn to quickly set up my tripod, too. I might also try and get a handle on the macro flash unit waiting on my shelf.

But for a half-hour's effort, and a little bit of editing, this photo isn't too bad. It felt really good to be back in the macro saddle.

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