Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Last Day of Christmas

The box of gifts that Dale and I sent to our daughter Jodie and her fiancé Ken arrived in Oregon today. Jodie and I went on Sykpe to share the unboxing and unwrapping and oooos and ahhhhs. I took screenshots of her expressions as she opened her gifts (the lighting is quirky due to screenshots).

We got them a number of gifts. She thought the book lamp was particularly cool. It's a lamp in the shape of a book. When you open the book's cover, the lamp turns on. I may get one for myself, it's so cool.

 Jodie loves to bake, so we got her several kitchen tools. She got a big kick out of the instruction guide for the silicone pie shield.

Another of Jodie's hobbies is to collect postcards, then share them on Instagram. I gave her my entire vintage postcard collection with a note of the approximate year and the place where I picked them up. My favorite reaction came when she opened the tiny journal I made from one of my mom's vintage postcards.

I'll be sharing a blog post later on with some close-up images of that little journal.

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