Monday, January 30, 2017

Time for a Meme

Whenever I go through a creative dry spell, I reach into my bag of blog tricks for ideas. Today I pulled out this meme as a writing prompt. 

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW the piles of snow have turned to ice. The street is slick as snot as I cross it to get to the mailbox. One piece of junk mail. Ugh.

I AM THINKING about what trouble my daughter Jeanne and I can get into when she comes for a visit tomorrow. (Hooray!) Baking? Crafting? Puzzle making? Massage?

I AM THANKFUL FOR a warm home, my husband's love, hot food, iced tea, a sense of humor. Not necessarily in that order.

FROM THE KITCHEN some sugar cookie dough is calling my name. Valentine cookies, perhaps? Snickerdoodles?

I AM WEARING my pussyhat. It's cold in our home office and I lose too much heat out the top of my nearly bald head.

I AM CREATING a life that I love. Also ... I may start a new cross-stitch project this week.

I AM GOING to a painting party for the first time. I'll be with a group of women and we'll paint decorative "pallet" signs to decorate our homes. Mine will have a Valentine theme.

I AM READING The Wisdom of Menopause by Christiane Northrup M.D. I didn't realize just how wise I get to claim to be!

I AM HOPING that all the protests around the country will encourage our lawmakers to formulate true immigration reform. I'm hoping Congress will step up and help the president understand that the executive branch is one of three branches ... he is not a king.

I AM HEARING the hum of my computer. My husband's yawn. The refrigerator running.

AROUND THE HOUSE is a feeling on contentment. This is a cozy place to hang out.

is an extraordinary night of restorative sleep on crisp clean sheets. It gives me energy and focus ... and helps my skin to glow.

A FEW PLANS FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK? The aforementioned visit from my eldest. Some deep cleaning under the fridge and stove. Watching a movie based on a book I really enjoyed, Paper Towns. Probably writing more letters to my senators. And let's hope a few more nights of extraordinary sleep.

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