Thursday, February 23, 2017

Frame Fettish

I think I have a problem.

I keep buying picture frames. I bought these today. I also have a big storage box (or two) downstairs.
Oh, dear.

Thankfully, most are pre-owned frames from thrift stores.

Only two of the six I bought today are new. The big one is for a limited edition Love poster I bought through DFTBA, the proceeds of which go to an organization that works with refugees.

One of the black square frames is for a finished piece of stitchery which I unearthed today ... in a frame, tucked behind another piece of stitchery. And it's a heart! Might as well put that baby on the wall. It's called [I give you] Olive My Heart! It's a heart ... decorated with green olives. I stitched it years and years ago!

The small white frame needs a little refinishing help. Then I'll use it to frame my embroidery on paper. Of all the pieces I stitched last December, this is the only one that I kept for myself.

The other frames? For stitcheries yet unfinished.
:: blush ::
A girl can dream.

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