Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Our Cozy Weekend

It was a fairly quiet day in the Davaz household. The snow fell in giant clumps most of the day and turned to rain in the evening. It's Dale's last vacation day (of five). We spent the long weekend at home doing annual business, some decluttering, and cozy things.

Annual business? We met with our financial advisor to add funds to my IRA and talk about our eventual retirement.

Decluttering? Dale help Jeanne move his mom's former dining set to Jeanne's apartment. I released unneeded clothes, lots of vases, a few dishes, party supplies, cross-stitch patterns, take-home menus, old electronics, holiday decor, shoe polish and more. We're simple and eclectic and our belongings reveal that.

Cozy things? I finished crocheting the hat and scarf set on Saturday. Today started with breakfast at iHop, and moved on to watching the 3-D version of Upside Down. We shared some popcorn and peanuts during the movie. Later, we warmed up with potato soup.

Plus, there's this:

After several years of searching, we traded out our 10+ year old comforter for a new one, complete with complimentary pillows. I really like the subtle stripes on top with the flocked floral skirt. A very nice combination of Dale's style mixed with Margaret's. It makes for a comfy #CornerOfOurHome

A simple, loving weekend is sure to culminate in a good night of sleep, which, in turn, will lead to a very short work week.

Tonight, I'm content inside. I really do live a charmed life.

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