Sunday, February 19, 2017

Valentine Rose Wreath

Last week when my eldest daughter Jeanne spent the day with me, we went downstairs to play in my Studio. I wanted to recreate a heart-shaped wreath that I saw demonstrated by Tracy on YouTube's GiftBasketAppeal channel.

All the components for this wreath were purchased from the Dollar Tree. The wreath form looks much like this photo, though a bit more curved -- and much less expensive. The roses came with about six flowers on each stem and looked a bit like this. The flowers were three sizes. I bought six stems of roses. (Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, these items are no longer listed on the Dollar Tree website).

To create the wreath, we cut the flowers off the stem, leaving about a one inch stub. We used hot glue to adhere the leaves and bottom petals of the flowers to the heart frame. We alternated flower sizes so that the frame was filled out nicely. It took a bit of finesse to place the roses in such a way that they accentuated the shape of the heart frame. Place a few flowers incorrectly, and the heart turns into a blob.

I also bought some glittery berry sprays at the Dollar Tree that look a bit like this. We tried placing groups of berries throughout the wreath, but they didn't look right. So we cut the berries off the stems, and placed a single berry in the center a few choice flowers scattered throughout the wreath. The berries become a happy surprise tucked into the center of the fullest blooms.

Finally we tied a loop of red ribbon (from my stash) at the top of the heart so it could hang. The total cost of the wreath was only eight dollars. I'm so pleased with the result!

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