Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Final Quilt Square

I've completed the embroidery on the last square of my granddaughter's quilt. I love the way this Frog turned out! I loved it so much, I gave him a heart.

Now on to the next step. I've decided to serge the edges because this fabric is so light, and the stitching is already so close to the edges of the squares (don't know why Mom did that!) that if I wash the squares I'm pretty sure that the fabric will fray all the way up to the edge of the stitching. And I do need to wash them. After all, they're at minimum 20 years old. More likely, closer to 45 years old.

Man, I hope this works.

So, 12 squares times four sides to serge. That will take a bit of time. Good thing my serger is fast - as long as the multiple threads don't get all jammed up.

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