Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Bridal Shower Card

My daughter Jodie will be getting married in June. Because she lives in Oregon, I live in Idaho, and neither of us gets to travel much, it's been a bit of a challenge to have me help with the wedding planning.

A couple weekends ago, Jodie had her bridal shower, which I planned to attend. Unfortunately, a minor medical event happened here at home, so I had to miss her shower! I was so sad that happened. So as the shower was taking place in Oregon, I spent the time in my Studio creating a special card to go with the gift Dale and I were giving her.

The colors for Jodie and Ken's wedding are eggplant, blush, and grey. So I scrounged through my stash for some pretty papers and ribbons in those colors to create this card. I got the inspiration for the card on Pinterest. The hearts are made from some silver foil wrapping paper, some scrapbook paper, and an embossed bit of cardstock I'd saved from a Christmas card. The purple bow is made from satin ribbon. A silver ribbon was added above the hearts.

On the inside, I created the sentiment in my paint program. The little bird is part of the design she's using on her invitations and table favors. The words? From The Princess Bride.

I made the envelope from pink cardstock, using a template from Mel Stampz. I added the heart "stamp" cut from purple cardstock. Then adhered the silver ribbon to the bottom of the envelope to tie the envelope design to the card design.

On the back of the envelope, I also added the silver ribbon.

I was able to visit Jodie the following weekend and gave her the gift and card at that time. We had a fantastic weekend together and got a good deal of wedding prep done.

Fun fact. When Dale and I got married 26 years ago, we created our own invitations. This purple and pink cardstock is left over from our wedding!


Card inspired by a card I saw on Pinterest with no known image source.

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