Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Embroidery and Pearls

At the end of last year I went on an embroidery-on-paper jag. I used the finished pieces for Christmas cards. I think I stitched about 30 pieces. I kept just this one for myself. I loved everything about it. The colors go with my home decor. And then pearls. I can rarely resist pearls.

I couldn't quite decide what to do with it, though. Until this week. I decided it was so pretty that it needed to be displayed. So I cut it from a rectangle into a square, mounted it with double-sided tape to a piece of scrapbook paper, and framed it in one of my thrift-store finds. This black frame is in pristine condition. Plus, it's a bit too big for my 2006 Cross-stitch Calendar pieces.

I realize the background color choice is bold. It does mimic one of the pinks in the center of the design, so it works on that level. I may or may not keep it. However, I've had the framed piece on my mantle for a few days, and it's growing on me. So for now, it stays.

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