Sunday, July 23, 2017

Fabric Frame

Today I did the finishing work on the Strawberry Quilt Block. I completed the stitching in February of this year.

I was attempting to make a frame much like the one I purchased for Just Nan's Rose Lady (finished in 2008). I used that frame as a guide for the one I sewed myself.

I learned quite a bit while constructing this frame, making several mistakes along the way that I can improve upon if I attempt this method again. For example, after the first hour, I learned that velvet is not the most ideal fabric for this project. I learned to use cotton, and to give myself lots of extra fabric, then cut off the excess instead of getting by with "just enough." I learned how to use mat board to stiffen the fabric frame, and how to create an easel. I also have some ideas on how to improve attaching the cord to the frame next to the stitchery.

Most of the mistakes can be seen close up if you know what you're looking for. From a distance, my Strawberry Quilt Block looks fine. The reforming-perfectionist part of me is trying to keep from making another frame for this project, incorporating the changes.

I'm always learning something new and finding ways to improve my skills. It's part of the joy - and frustration - of being an artist.


Elizabeth Martinez said...

It absolutely gorgeous! You are so tslented.

Elizabeth Martinez said...

Very nice!