Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Days 290 & 291: Spring is Budding Out All Over

I added two new photographs to Creative Journey in my Photography section.

Yesterday I was hunkered down in my Studio, working on a writing assignment for my former employer. She's building a new website for her company and asked if I'd write the copy.

It's a good thing the steam was rising off my head ...I was not angry ... just thinking hard! It kept me warm, which was needed. Springs in north Idaho are unpredictable. The day started with the sun shining. We got a hail storm in the afternoon. Then it snowed into the evening ... enough that there was still some white stuff in the flower beds this morning!

Between the variable weather and my concentrated writing efforts, I didn't get out for a walk. But give it a day and the weather changes.

Today was partly cloudy and a bit blustery. I finished first draft of the writing assignment, then took a break for my walk.

The hail and snow were great for the early flowering plants! They are budding out all over.

So the photo above is Lilac Bud [2]. When I took the photo for Day 264, I received a request for updates as the lilacs start to bloom. This is what a month gets you.

The photo to the right is called Bicolored Cluster Lily (or Douglas' Triteleia). It's a cousin to Glory of the Snow (a much prettier name!)

I found the sweet tiny flowers in a neighbor's yard, right by the curb. I wasn't sure of the flower's name, so tried to find it on the web. Hope I got it right. None of the other photos that I saw had the blue veining that these gems do.

I love the Springs in north Idaho and the promise of hope that the flowers represent!


sheila said...

I love your spring pictures. We're getting hit with a late snow storm, so its nice to know its springtime somewhere!

capecodgardner said...

not Glory of the Snow but "Puschkinia scilloides." I spent all morning looking for the right name too.