Friday, July 6, 2007

Day 383: For Kathryn in NZ

I added a new photograph to Creative Journey in my Photography section, Sexy Mama Feet

OK, Katheryn! Your wish is my command!

Here are my sexy new shoes ... the sexiest I've worn since my college days.

OK ... give me a break. I'm almost 50. Them gams look gamn good!
:: grin ::

Back on Day 379, I wrote that I bought myself some sexy new shoes. Kathryn commented that she'd like to see 'em. So here ya go!

This is part of the outfit I wore to the anniversary party. I was overdressed for a BBQ, but
:: ahem ::
I did catch the eye of some of the older gentlemen. They needed to drop by where Duane and I were talking to see who this "young" woman was that had garnered the guest of honor's attention!

Check out the skirt! Linen with embroidery and beads. It's hard to see the beads in this photo, but they are scattered among the embroidered flowers and a band of the jet blacks runs around the entire hem of the skirt. Very pretty! Very Cameo!


Colleen said...

Very nice!!! I wish I had ankles like yours and could still wear shoes like that for more than just a few minutes!

Now, a request from So. Cal -- we gotta see the skirt in a photo one of these days!

Kathryn in NZ said...

Damn fine shoes on some damn fine legs that deserved to be shown off at a bbq. Good on you for being "over dressed" I have a friend who firmly believes in dressing up for occasions and it is joyful to behold.
Love the skirt too, BTW

so what did he think of your gift??!!