Saturday, February 4, 2012

Five Years and Two Hours

 About five years ago, when Jodie was in 8th grade, she and I traveled to Boise, Idaho. Jodie was the Post Falls Middle School representative to Math Counts, a statewide math competition.

At the time, we didn't take many road trips. This was our first duo trip together. I was fairly nervous about a long drive and then finding my way around the "big city." (I truly have become a small town Idahoan). But while there we did manage to get to the "big" mall and to a couple well-stocked fabric stores. We found this upholstery fabric which I purchased to make pillows to match the home decor we were planning for our living room remodel.

Shortly thereafter, I bought 18" pillow forms. All I needed was some time, concentration and hutzpah to get the job done. So there in the organized chaos of my studio, the supplies sat. Eventually, the pillow forms were utilized for another project. This fabric languished. The living room got new flooring, a new sectional, new bookshelves, new TV, new blinds. But no new couch pillows.

Jodie continued on through high school and moved away to college. Over this last Christmas break, she asked to play in my studio since it's now an inviting work space since I rearranged and streamlined it last Fall.

She also requested permission to raid my fabric stash, and rely on my expertise so that she and I could make some pillows for the couch in her apartment. We put two corduroy pillows together in about an hour and a half -- and had a lot of fun and laughter doing it! 

(My pillow supplies are right there on the table behind Jodie's left shoulder).

Once I saw how easy it was, I bought a couple more pillow forms, dug out the fabric, and vowed to make my pillows within four days.

But ... I didn't.

Last week my daughter Julie came up for a visit. She asked if she could raid my fabric stash. Julie has her own sewing machine, but asked me to explain how to make the pillows. I gave her three methods. She tootled back to her apartment, happy as a clam with her supplies.

 But my project remained sitting next to my sewing machine. Why? It's much more fun to play in my studio when my daughters are there to play with me!

 Finally today, I took a firm stand. Two hours later ... TA DA!


They look so nice in the living room!

Now I'm pooped. Time to try them out! Nap, anyone?


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