Monday, January 4, 2016

Self Portrait #41: End of the Season

Since I was unable to complete my goal of one self-portrait each week in 2015, I've decided to continue my challenge into this year. I have so many ideas that I still want to try! However, I've decided to do them as whimsey hits, rather than sticking to a weekly schedule.

Today, I took down the Christmas tree. But it asked me to take its picture a few more times before crawling into its box for the next 11 months.

More tree photos to come.


Photo Lessons I Learned:

  • I decided to take this photo with my camera's phone since I had no room to put the tripod in front of me.
  • I took the photo during daylight hours. I wanted to keep the background as dark as possible so that the tree's lights could shine. So I closed the blinds behind the tree and turned off all the lights on that side of the room. I'm quite pleased with the way the light is bouncing off the ceiling.
  • I opened the window shade right in front of me to add some light on my face.
  • The photo was quite grainy, so I softened it during editing. I also needed to add a bit more color to my face and brightened my eyes.
  • I like the reflection of the lights in my glasses. I was pleased that they didn't cover my eyes.

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