Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Introducing Project Pinterest 2016

Project Pinterest 01: Easter Wreath

Since I have some extra time to pursue creative interests this year, I've decided to jump into my Pinterest boards and make as many projects as my heart desires this year. I'm calling it "Project Pinterest 2016." I don't plan on having a schedule for completing each project, because I want to let my curiosity lead me and some projects will take much longer than others.

Today I'm starting out with an Easter wreath. You can view the YouTube video at the bottom of this post to see my inspiration. This was fun!

Here's the finished wreath hanging by my front door.

The wreath cost a total of $4 and took about an hour to make. Most of the supplies came from our local Dollar Tree: a wreath form, tissue paper, garland, and glitter eggs. From my stash I had Mod Podge, a disposable foam paint brush, and a ribbon.

I did make one alteration to the garland. It was white with pink, yellow, and green fringe. I thought the green was too bright (rather than pastel), so I cut those sections out before winding the garland around the wreath form.

Also, were I to make this again, I'd use pastel tissues in blue, purple, pink, and orange, but leave out the yellow and green. As you can see in this close-up, once the Mod Podge dried, the green wreath form was too visible through the light yellow and light green tissue paper.

I also altered the eggs and bows. The eggs came with the yellow ribbon connected to the yellow egg, etc. But as I removed the eggs from the skewers, the bows separated from the egg. I decided to mix the colors up when gluing the bows back onto the eggs.

I don't have a lot of the "Easter Spirit" right now, so having this bright spot of color welcome me home puts a smile on my face.

To see how to make this wreath, watch this video. Honest! There's still time!


Inspired by Yolanda Soto Lopez
of All Crafts Chanel

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