Tuesday, April 12, 2016

An Engagement Celebration

Last weekend Dale and I had the great good fortune to travel to Oregon to spend time with our Jodie and her new fiance, Ken. We kept the pomp out of it and enjoyed the heck out of our days together in simple, fun ways.

First, Jodie took me to the Dorris Ranch which will be the site of their wedding. What a beautiful spot, rich with local history. While there, we even found a geocache.

After eating lunch at a cozy hangout in Eugene, we headed back to Springfield for 18 holes of mini golf. It was a great course where we even got to travel under a giant waterfall!

I'm happy to say that I tied for 2nd -- a rare bit of good luck.

After the game we headed over to a new-to-Jodie park in town. We ducked out of the sun, sitting under an arbor between a river and a train car and drank some water and root beer to cool off. Now Jo can mark another park visited off her list.

We ended the evening with some kettle corn and Notting Hill back at their duplex. An ideal end to a lovely day.

All photos by my daughter Jodie.

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