Saturday, October 29, 2016

Back at the Work Bench

I spent the day in my Studio listening to Radiolab podcasts, mending, and tidying. Then I made a new mess while making more beaded ornaments for this year's Christmas tree.

This kit has 24 mini ornaments. They're so little, you'd think they'd be quick to assemble. There are less beads, yes. But there's still six legs and a center to each ornament, meaning eight times to glue, clip, and bend the ends of the wires. My fingers are a little sore from getting poked all day.

It   was a great way to spend another gloomy, rainy day. My Studio is lit with bright daylight bulbs, which greatly helps my moods. I finished just over half of the ornaments today. If the weather is bad again tomorrow, I'll complete the rest. (If the weather's good, I'll go outside to play in the dirt! er ... or should I say ... mud).

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