Friday, October 7, 2016

The Wedding Planners - Part 2

What a day we had today!

The morning was spent making lists, talking over ideas, and creating Pinterest boards. There are so many options available, and we wanted to narrow them down to those that fit this bride and groom.

Then we went shopping. Where, you ask? At a Goodwill Outlet! This is the place where items that don't sell in regular Goodwill thrift stores go to die ... or, more accurately, go to get sold by the pound!

We found a bolt of wide "white" fabric that will be just the ticket to make a muslin ... a dress before the dress ... to see how the pattern fits and if Mom has the chops to sew a suitable wedding gown. The fabric is "white" because, well, it WAS white at one point in it's life. There are large portions that are stained and dirty. But the fabric can be washed and used for the purpose at hand. We also found a few pieces of lace that will also be utilized on the mock-up dress.

We had about 11 pounds of "finds" ... and it all cost less than $20. We left the building "Junk Drunk." That's when you've waded through so many piles of stuff, and come out with usable finds, that you feel a little tipsy once you hit the fresh air outside the warehouse. What fun!

We celebrated with some soup, salad, and breadsticks at Olive Garden.

Life is good.

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